Documenting Now – Photo Gallery

These images have been taken by Monmouth photographer Emma Drabble as part of the ‘Documenting Now living through the pandemic in the Wye Valley AONB’ project. Thanks to all the participants who allowed us into their lives and shared their stories. Click here to listen to all the audio portraits.

Dr Christmas – Wye Valley Practice 

‘You walk and get this incredible aroma of relaxation and calm. However terrifying everything feels this will still be here, the wild garlic will still grow, the bluebells will still bloom regardless of what else is going on.’

Phil Munday, Munday & Jones Traditional Greengrocer

‘I’m hoping the streets will come back to life…we need each other, that’s what I’m hoping this has shown.’

Fletch Lewis – Tattooist and Wildlife Photographer

‘The only difference is I’m not working. I’m out in nature all the time on my own.’

Beau – School Pupil

‘I have had the Corona Virus. It was very painful and miserable for me. I had it for about 2 weeks. The last week of it was just my lungs fixing.’

Helen Beale – Cherry Orchard Farm

‘Not a lot has changed for us. Life is normal, the cows still need feeding, the welfare of the animals is top priority – and yet if you go out into the town it’s a different world.’

Wye Valley Producers

‘How about a Drive-through? For local people to have the opportunity to buy local produce from local producers.’

Reverend Sean Semple – St Mary’s Church, Ross on Wye

‘An hour in nature around here has done so much for our mental health…it’s allowed us to explore beauty at a time when things look very bleak and stark.’

Cameron James Keir – Retired Forestry Worker

‘I’m meant to be in isolation for three months. Can’t sit in there with no tele and radio or nothing for three months. Looking a bit nasty now.’

Ella – Monmouth

‘I think it’s harder for a teenager. I do rely on my friends and college. I think it’s sad that the last time I saw my Gran and Grandad could be the last time I see them.’