Documenting Now – life in the AONB during the pandemic

‘Documenting Now’ is an AONB project capturing people’s feelings, fears and hopes as they live through the pandemic in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Monmouth-based photographer and film maker Emma Drabble has been documenting the impact of Covid19 on rural lives and businesses, revealing an incredible web of human spirit in the face of adversity. 

We are very grateful to all the participants who have allowed us into their lives and shared their stories. More than a few have said how therapeutic it has been to have the opportunity to talk about their circumstances: ‘We were having a bad day, but talking to Emma turned it around’.

We know how lucky we are to live and work in an area of natural beauty, with nature all around and green space on our doorstep. These audio portraits show just how much this is valued and how it has helped boost our mental and physical health during lockdown.

Click on the videos below to listen to the audio portraits. We are adding to the library all the time so come back soon to hear some more stories.

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