Wye Valley National Landscape map

The boundary of the Wye Valley National Landscape is the black dotted line on the map below, covering 126 square miles from Mordiford, south east of Hereford, down 58 miles of the lower Wye to Chepstow.

More detailed maps of the Wye Valley National Landscape boundary are available through the links below.

The Wye Valley National Landscape Boundary… can also be found on:-


Google Maps  Quick & easy to see National Landscape (Area Outstanding Natural Beauty) boundary and what’s in & out. However doesn’t have detailed/OS map base or show National Landscape on Satellite view

The National Association for AONBs – interactive map  Easy to zoom in on the Wye Valley and see AONB boundary and what’s in & out. However, background base map is shaded Google map, not detailed OS map, and AONB ‘darkens’ once selected, obscuring the base map further

Lle – Welsh Government Map Browser Click on ‘Preview’ or Click on ‘View in Lle Map Browser’. Detailed AONB boundary on OS base map – covering England & Wales, but can take time to load. However, in ‘Lle Map Browser’ can ‘add data’ layers and access huge amount of additional data primarily for Wales – very useful

MAGIC – DEFRA / Natural England interactive map  Click on ‘Designations’ + ‘Land-Based Designations’ + ‘Statutory’+ ‘Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (England)’.