Projects supported through the Farming in Protected Landscapes programme

Grazing Management Ltd / Alex Crawley – St Briavels

Supporting the provision of conservation grazing across the Wye Valley AONB, using hardy native breed cattle. Funding is for the creation of a porous, flat, stoned area to allow the safe handling of animals when required, in between their work restoring wild flower meadows.

Total Project Cost £10,975      FiPL Grant awarded £4,938.75

Nature’s Nest / Stephanie Thomas – Ballingham

Nature’s Nest is a farm based glamping enterprise, the project enabled the purchase of electric bikes and storage, and interpretation panels at places of interest, to provide educated access to Nature’s Nest best attraction, its location. “We not only want to give guests the opportunity to explore, but give them understanding of why our place is a designated AONB and what that means”.

Total Project Cost  £17,437.02     FiPL Grant awarded £8,097.70

Wye and Usk Foundation – Herefordshire AONB

To undertake natural capital assessments for 26 landholdings within the Wye Valley AONB, to identify priority habitats, in particular floodplain meadows, and deliver improvements to the condition, connectivity and increase their extent within the landscape. Providing advice to landowners and assisting with applications to enable delivery of opportunities identified.

Total Project Cost  £108,275     Grant awarded £69,525

WT & S Davies / Ben Taylor-Davies – Brampton Abbots

Establishment of mob grazing, creation of ‘agroforestry orchard’, interpretation panels with information about wildlife, landscape, history and farming, farm track improvements enabling access for all, planting veteran trees of the future, and expansion of farm shop facilities into barn.

This project will show and explain how regenerative agriculture can allow profitable food production to continue in the Wye Valley – through enhancing the environment, increasing biodiversity, storing carbon in soil, prevention of phosphate and soil movement to the river Wye, as well as using cover crops and increased soil organic matter to slow the flow of water to the river and hold it for growing crops. Allowing the general public, farmers and landowners, NGO’s and anyone else with an interest in the link between food and the environment to visit, taking a self guided walk with the help of information panels or guided by landowner.

Total Project Cost £202,977.57     FiPL Grant awarded £65,530.20

J Hoddell & Partners / Ann Herbert – Lewstone

Refurbishment of toilet facilities and creation of a teaching and exploring area in woodland with access to a stream, to provide educational opportunities and enhancement to school visits.

Total Project Cost £4,890     FiPL Grant awarded £4,498

LK Goulding / Trevor Waters – Upton Bishop

Improvements to poultry site infrastructure and range management in the form of planting of hardy grass seed on sloping ground, gorse, vetiver and miscanthus to create dense vegetation, and wetland plants around attenuation pond. Project aims to reduce nutrient losses and soil and water run-off into the Rudhall brook and on to the river Wye. Improvements will eliminate run off from dirty yard areas, increase infiltration rates and capacity of the soil to store water, carbon and nutrients. These improvements will deliver benefits for water quality and natural flood management in the AONB and help to restore river health and biodiversity.

Total Project Cost £2,298.64     FiPL Grant awarded £1,498.93

M&R Soble t/a Whitethorn Farm / Martin Soble – Carey

Two deer high seats to enhance the deer control program, reducing significant damage to vines, young fruit trees and fruitlets on established trees.

Total Project Cost £600     FiPL Grant awarded £600

H&E Rudge / Esther Rudge – Ballingham

Purchase of a dribble bar for slurry tanker, to make better use of the nutrients naturally occurring in digestate and slurry produced by ‘dribbling’ it into the soil, reducing air and water pollution. To be used across a number of landholdings.

Total Project Cost £10,350    FiPL Grant awarded £4,000