Latest Covid Advice

Before visiting the Wye Valley AONB, please

  • keep checking the latest updates on lockdown restrictions
  • continue to stay local for as long as necessary.
  • before leaving for a day out; check what is open including car parking, food and drink providers, and toilet facilities.

When you visit, please

  • park considerately.
  • follow the Countryside Code – available here.
  • remember hands-face-space, when out and about – even in the countryside.
  • be aware that many of the residents in honeypot locations have, at times, felt understandably overwhelmed by large numbers of visitors in previous lockdown liftings – and so be extra considerate of them, and how they may feel.
  • be patient with, and supportive of, local businesses who are continuing to adjust to changes as we navigate our way through the pandemic.
  • breathe deep, stride out, and give a cheery, heartfelt “hello” to those you meet along the way!